V.9 Issue 5

1. Best proximity point and coupled best proximity point for proximal contraction type mappings

Authors: B. Alqahtani, R. Lashkaripour, E. Karapinar, J. Hamzehnejadi download

2. Sensitivity Analysis for a Parametric Generalized Mixed Multi-Valued Implicit Quasi-Variational Inclusions

Authors: Faizan Ahmad Khan and Javid Ali download

3. Analytic and semi analytic solutions with Caputo-Fabrizio fractional derivative for the motion of second grade uid in a circular cylinder

Authors: N. Sadiq, M. A. Imran, R. Safdar, S. Sarwar download

4. $S$-normality

Authors: Lutfi Kalantan and Manal Alhomieyed download

5. The modified Picard-FB iterative algorithm for approximating the fixed points of conditional quasi-contractive mappings in convex metric spaces and its rate of convergence

Authors: A. Pansuwan, W. Sintunavarat download

6. Some New Fixed Point Theorems with Applications

Authors: Jamshaid Ahmad, Abdullah Eqal Al-Mazrooei, Yeol Je Cho, H.K. Jung, Marwan Amin Kutbi download

7. Some fixed point theorems for Reich contraction in generalized metric spaces

Authors: Xiaoyan Lv and Yuqiang Feng download

8. The phase plane analysis of nonlinear equation

Author: Esen Hanac download

9. Approximate best proximity for set-valued contractions in metric spaces

Authors: Fahimeh Mirdamadi, Mehdi Asadi and Somayeh Abbasi download

10. A study on soft generalized continuity in soft bigeneralized topological spaces

Authors: Cigdem Gunduz Aras, Adem Yolcu, Taha Yasin Ozturk download

11. Order-theoretic metrical coincidence theorems involving $(\phi,\psi)$-contractions

Authors: Tawseef Rashid, Nouf Alharbi, Qamrul Haq Khan, Hassen Aydi, Cenap Ozel download