V.11 Issue 1

1. Some remarks on functions with non-decreasing increments

Authors: Asif R. Khan and Faraz Mehmood download

2. The Analytic Solution of Sequential Space-Time Fractional Diffusion Equation Including Periodic Boundary Conditions

Authors: S\"{u}leyman \c{C}etinkaya, Ali Demir and H\"{u}lya Kodal Sevindir download

3. Fixed Points For Cyclically Set-Valued Mappings and Applications for Variational Relations Problems

Authors: Reza Ahmadi , Asadollah Niknam , Majid Derafshpour download

4. A study of the shock wave schemes for the modified Burger's equation

Authors: Ilhem Mous, Abdelhamid Laouar download

5. Denying a short proof of a determinantal formula for generalized Fibonacci polynomials

Author: Feng Qi download

6. Some Approximation Results on Modified $q$-Bernstein Operators

Authors: Resat Aslan, Aydin Izgi download