V.3 Issue 4

1. Some families of bilateral generating relations and operational methods

Author: Yasmin, Ghazala download

2. On a two-variable analogue of Bessel function

Authors: Aktas, Rabia; Altin, Abdullah; Cekim, Bayramdownload

3. Integral mean estimates for an operator preserving inequalities between polynomials

Authors: Rather, N.A.; Gulzar, S.download

4.General solution of second order linear ordinary differential equations with variable coefficients

Authors: Tungatarov, A.; Akhmed-Zaki, D.K. download

5. Relationship between characterizations of the q-Gamma function

Authors: Elmonser, Hedi; Brahim, Kamel; Fitouhi, Ahmed download

6. A new spectrum of Mock theta functions of order two

Authors: Srivastava, Pankaj; Wahidi, Anwar Jahan download

7.Bounds for the deviation of a function from a generalised chord generated by its extremities with applications

Author: Dragomir, Sever S. download

8.Kantorovich process of linear positive operators via biorthogonal polynomials

Authors: Icoz, Gurhan; Tasdelen Yesildal, Fatma; Dogru, Ogun download

9.Two-step iteration scheme for nonexpansive mappings in uniformly convex Banach space

Authors: Yadav, M.R.; Thakur, B.S.; Sharma, A.K. download