V.12 Issue 3

1. New upper bounds related to the Berezin number inequalities

Authors: Mualla Birgul Huban, Hamdullah Basaran, Mehmet Gurdal download

2. Lyapunov inequalities for a class of $\psi$-Laplace equations

Authors: Xu Guo, Haofan Wang, Jun Zheng download

3. New optimal bounds for logarithmic and exponential functions

Authors: Lazhar Bougoffa, Panagiotis T. Krasopoulos download

4. Certain functional inequalities for the $\large\tau$-hypergeometric functions

Authors: Deepak Bansal, Khaled Mehrez, Ravinder Krishna Raina download

5. Oscillation of second-order damped noncanonical differential equations with superlinear neutral term

Authors: Martin Bohner, Radkhakrishnan Srinivasan, Ethiraju Thandapani download

6. Higher order Apostol-Frobenius-type Poly-Genocchi polynomials with parameters $a, b$ and $c$

Authors: Roberto B. Corcino, Cristina B. Corcino download