V.8 Issue 5

1. Stancu variant of $(p, q)$-Szasz-Mirakyan operators

Authors: Ankita R. Devdhara, Vishnu Narayan Mishra download

2. Some common fixed points results along with the common limit in the range of property for generalized contractive mappings

Authors: P. Sukprasert, P. Kumam, D. Thongtha, W. Sintunavarat download

3. Dynamical systems and variational inequalities

Authors: M. A. Noor, K. I. Noor, R. Latif download

4. Integral inequalities for hypergeometric operators via fractional integral

Authors: Seda Kilinc, Abdullah Akkurt, Huseyin Yildirim download

5. Best proximity point theorems for weakly contractive mapping by P-center

Author: Mohammad Reza Haddadi download

6. On some bounds of Gauss arc lemniscate sine and tangent functions

Authors: Mansour Mahmoud, Ravi P. Agarwal download

7. Quasi-almost convergence of sequences of sets

Authors: Esra Gulle, Ugur Ulusu download

8. Existence of solutions for operator mixed vector equilibrium problem

Authors: Rais Ahmad, Syed Shakaib Irfan, Mohd Ishtyak, Mijanur Rahaman download

9. Identities on the $e_{4n},1$ integral transform

Authors: Nese Dernek, Gulshan Mansimli, Ezgi Erdogan download