V.4 Issue 3

1. Bounds for k-Gamma and k-Beta functions

Authors: Kokologiannaki, Chrysi G.; Sourla, Vasiliki D. download

2. Multivariable construction of extended Jacobi matrix polynomials.

Author: Cevik, Ali download

3. Two-step iteration scheme for nonexpansive mappings in uniformly convex Banach space.

Authors: Yadav, M.R.; Thakur, B.S.; Sharma, A.K. download

4. Application of group theory to generating relations for special functions

Authors: Chandra, B.C.; Alam, S.; Chongdar, A.K. download

5. A note on k-hypergeometric differential equations

Authors: Mubeen, Shahid; Naz, Mammona; Rahman, Gauhar download