V.1 Issue 1

1. A nonlinear inequality and evolution problems

Author:A.G. Ramm download

2. Functional inequalities for incomplete beta and gamma functions

Author: Waad T. Sulaiman download

3. Log-convexity of ratio of the two-parameter symmetric homogeneous function and an application

Author: Zhen-Hang, Yang download

4. Certain fractional q-integral formulas for the generalized basic hypergeometric functions of two variables

Authors: Yadav, R.K.; Kalla, S.L.; Purohit, S.D.; Vyas, V.K. download

5. On composition of fractional q-integral operator involving basic hypergeometric function

Author: Galue, Leda download

6. Dual integral equations involving Legendre functions in distribution spaces

Authors: Banerji, P.K.; Loonker, Deshna download