V.9 Issue 3

1. $\varphi$-Contractive Mappings on Generalized Probabilistic Metric Spaces

Authors: R. Ali, S. Batul, M. Rafique, D. Shehwar download

2. Doubt Bipolar Fuzzy Subalgebras and Ideals in BCK/BCI-Algebras

Authors: Anas Al-Masarwah and Abd Ghafur Ahmad download

3. Strong coupled fixed points for couplings via $c$-distances

Authors: H. Aydi, A. Felhi, Z. Mustafa, W. Shatanawi, M.M.M. Jaradat download

4. A new three-steps iteration methods for $\alpha$-nonexpansive mappings and variational inequalities

Authors: Sh. Ghasemzadehdibagi, M. Asadi, S. Haghayeghi and F. Khojasteh download

5. $\alpha$-contractive mappings on rectangular $b$-metric spaces and an application to integral equations

Authors: N. Alharbi, H. Aydi, A. Felhi, C. Ozel, S. Sahmim download

6. Inequalities via generalized beta $m$-convex functions

Authors: M. A. Noor, K. I. Noor, F. Safdar download

7. Homogeneous Equation Between Banach $A$-Modules

Authors: A. Bahraini, G. Askari download

8. On positive weak solutions for a nonlinear system involving weighted $(p, q)$-Laplacian operators

Author: S. A. Khafagy download

9. On Topological Invariants of Subdivided Hex-Derived Network $SHDN1(n)$

Authors: Maqsood Ahmad, Muhammad Hussain, Muhammad Saeed, Adeel Farooq download

10. On the spectral norms of $r$-circulant matrices with the Padovan and Perrin sequences

Authors: A. Pacheenburawana, W. Sintunavarat download

11. Solution of systems of Urysohn integral equations arising from the execution of fixed point method in complex valued metric spaces

Authors: W. Sintunavarat, Hemant K. Nashine, Ravi P. Agarwal, and P. P. Murthy download

12. $C$-Regular Topological Spaces

Author: Samirah ALZahrani download