V.8 Issue 2

1. The Second Integral Homology For Matrix Semigroups

Authors: Belgin OZER, Ali YUKSEK download

2. A remarks on the paper some fixed point theorems for generalized contractive mappings in complete metric spaces


3. Linear Fractional Programming Problem in Uncertain Environment

Authors: S. M. Ghasemi, M. R. Safi download

4. Variational iteration method for fractional wave-like and heat-like equations in large domains

Authors: M. Abolhasani, S. Abbasbandy, T. Allahviranloo download

5. Coupled system of non-local boundary value problems of nonlinear fractional order differential equations

Authors: F. Haq, K. Shah, M. Shahzad, G. Rahman download

6. On the Volkenborn integral of the q-extension of the p-adic gamma function

Authors: Ozge Colakoglu Havare, Hamza Menken download

7. Stability of n-bi-Jordan Homomorphisms on Banach algebras

Author: A. Zivari-Kazempour download

8. A common fixed point theorem for generalized $(\psi,\varphi)$-weak contractions of Suzuki type

Authors: Fei He, Yu-Qi Sun, Xiao-Yue Zhao download

9. Fixed Points of $\alpha $-admissible Mappings in Cone $b$-metric Spaces over Banach Algebra

Authors: N. Hussain, A. M. Al-solami, M. A. Kutbi download

10. Fixed Point Results for the Multivalued Mapping on Closed Ball in Dislocated Fuzzy Metric Space

Authors: Abdullah Shoaib, Akbar Azam, Muhammad Arshad, Aqeel Shahzad download

11. Weighted Hardy-type inequalities on time scale via superquadraticity

Authors: K. Rauf and O.A. Sanusi download

12. Some properties of the average numbers of comparisons used by the quicksort

Authors: Feng Qi and Bai-Ni Guo download

13. An approach to soft functions

Authors: Cigdem Gunduz Aras, Ayse Sonmez, and Huseyin Cakalli download