V.9 Issue 4

1. Further generalizations of Gamma, Beta and related functions

Authors: Recep Sahin, Oguz Yagci, M. Baki Yagbasan, I. Onur Kiymaz, Aysegul Cetinkaya download

2. Stability of the sextic functional equation in various spaces

Authors: Shaymaa Alshabbani, S. Mansour Vaezpour, Reza Saadati download

3. Optimal bounds for Toader mean in terms of quadrati contra-harmonic and Neuman means of second kind

Authors: Yue-Ying Yang, Wei-Mao Qianhas download

4. New formulae between squares of some Jacobi polynomials and squares of certain fractional Jacobi functions

Author: Waleed Abd-Elhameed download

5. Chebyshev type integral inequalities for generalized $k$-fractional conformable integrals

Authors: Siddra Habib, Shahid Mubeen, Muhammad Nawaz Naeem download

6. Discrete analogues of Hilbert integral inequalities for three variables

Authors: Tserendorj Batbold, Laith Emil Azar download

7. On asymptotically equivalence of order for sequence of sets using $\sigma$

Author: Omer Kisi download

8. Wijsman $I_2$-invariant convergence of double sequences of sets

Authors: Sukru Tortop, Erdinc Dundar download

9. New fixed point results with admissible contractions on B-Branciari metric spaces

Authors: Maryam Eshraghi Samani, S. Mansour Vaezpour, Mehdi Asadi download

10. Discrete norming inequalities on sections of sphere, ball and torus

Authors: Alvise Sommariva, Marco Vianello download

11. Estimation of the rate of convergence of Fourier series in the generalized Holder metric by deferred de la Vallee Poussin mean

Authors: N.L.Braha, Valdete Loku download