V.9 Issue 2

1. Asymptotically $f$-lacunary statistical equivalent of set sequences in Wijsman sense

Authors: Nazlim Deniz Aral, Sukran Konca download

2. Fractional Ostrowski type inequalities for functions whose derivatives are prequasiinvex

Author: Ladan Avazpour download

3. Fixed points theorems for multivalued mappings in G-cone metric spaces over Banach algebra

Authors: Abdullah Eqal Al-Mazrooei, Jamshaid Ahmad download

4. Coupled fixed point theorems in Ab-metric spaces satisfying rational inequality

Authors: Yumnam Rohen, Ningthoujam Priyobarta, Nabil Mlaiki, Nizar Souayah download

5. Fixed point results for couplings on abstract metric spaces and an application

Authors: H. Aydi, A. Felhi, H. Afshari, H.R. Marasi, H. Icik download

6. On a parametric kind of Genocchi polynomials

Authors: Mohammad Masjed-Jamei, Mohammadreza Beyki, Edward Omey download

7. On some inequalities and $\sigma_B(r,s)$-conservative matrices

Authors: Kuddusi Kayaduman, Fevzi Yasar, Aysegul Cetin download

8. On Wijsman I-lacunary statistical equivalence of order $(eta, mu)$

Author: Hacer Sengul download