V.8 Issue 1, Special issue To honor Prof. Ivan Dimovski's contributions

1. On Professor Ivan Dimovski contributions

Author: V. Kiryakova download

2. Some new properties and applications of a fractional Fourier transform

Authors: Yu. Luchko, M.M. Rodrigues download

3. A generalized integral transform on the classical Wiener space and its applications

Authors: S.J. Chang, V.K. Tuan, H.S. Chung download

4. Inequalities for the partial sums of some Mittag-Leffler type series

Author: J. Paneva-Konovska download

5. On fractional powers of Bessel operators

Authors: E.L. Shishkina, S.M. Sitnik download

6. Application of Dimovski's convolutional calculus to distributed-order time-fractional diffusion equation on a bounded domain

Authors: E. Bazhlekova, I. Bazhlekov download

7. Solving fractional differential equations by using Sumudu transform and Mikusinski calculus

Authors: Dj. Takaci, Ar. Takaci, Al. Takaci download

8. An example of nonlocal Boundary Value Problem with complex

Author: Yu. Tsankov download

9. Harmonic analysis on measures spaces attached to some Dunkl operators on Rd and applications

Author: Kh. Trimeche download

10. On harmonic analysis associated with the hyper-Bessel operator on the complex plane

Authors: M. S. Ben Hammouda, L. Bennasr, A. Fitouhi download

11. On the existence and associativity of multi-convolution of Beurling ultradistributions

Authors: A. Kaminski, S. Mincheva-Kaminska download

12. A short survey of recent results on Buschman-Erdelyi transmutations

Author: S. Sitnik download

13. On parametrization of the $q$-Bernstein basis functions and their applications

Author: Yilmaz Simsek download

14. Some Integral Inequalities for $m$-convex functions via fractional integrals

Authors: Ghulam Farid, Bushra Tariq download

15. Inequalities of Schwarz Type for $n$-Tuples of Vectors in Inner Product Spaces with Applications

Author: Silvestru Sever Dragomir download

16. Asymptotic limits of infinite integrals from an expression of Dirac function

Authors: Andrea Laforgia, Pierpaolo Natalini download