V.4 Issue 2

1. Extensions of generalized Bessel functions

Authors:Salehbhai, Ibrahim A.; Jana, R.K.; Shukla, A.K. download

2. Some fixed point theorems in ordered partial metric spaces

Authors: Isik, Huseyin; Turkoglu, Durandownload

3. Partial sums of certain harmonic multivalent functions

Authors: Yasar, Elif; Yalcin, Sibel download

4. Approximation of Fourier series by product means.

Authors: G Misra, Mahendra; Padhy, B.P.; Panda, N.K.; Misra, U.K. download

5. An inequality involving multivariate logarithmic mean

Author: Neuman, Edward download

6. Operational and Lie algebraic techniques on Hermite polynomials. (Operational and Lie algebraic techaniques on Hermite polynomials.)

Author: Khan, Rehana download