V.10 Issue 1

1. Some new classes of generalized Lagrange-based Apostol type Hermite polynomials

Authors: W. A. Khan, M.S. Abouzaid, A.H. Abusufian, K.S. Nisar download

2. Certain fractional operators of extended Mittag-Leffler function

Authors: Adnan Khan, Aneela Nadir download

3. The Neutrix limit of a k-deformation of the gamma function

Authors: Inci Ege, Emrah Yildirim download

4. Harmony of functional generalization of some dynamic integral inequalities on time scales

Authors: Muhammad Jibril Shahab, Sajid Iqbal download

5. Applications of fractional calculus for second order differential equations

Author: Resat Yilmazer download

6. Discrete fractional solutions of a Hermite equation

Author: Resat Yilmazer download

7. Generalized integral Mercer's inequality and integral means

Authors: M. Maqsood Ali, Asif R. Khan download

8. Some inequalities for the numerical radius for operators in Hilbert C*-modules space

Authors: Baharak Moosavi, Mohsen Shah Hosseini download

9. First kind $r$-Whitney numbers for complex arguments

Authors: Cristina B. Corcino, Roberto B. Corcino download

10. Intuitionistic fuzzy $I$-convergent difference sequence spaces defined by modulus function

Author: Esra Kamber download

11. Complex valued M-metric spaces and related fixed point results via complex C-class function

Authors: Mehdi Asadi, Bahman Moeini, Aiman Mukheimer, Hassen Aydi download

12. On some Hermite-Hadamard integral inequalities in multiplicative calculus

Authors: Muhammad Aamir Ali, Mujahid Abbas, Azhar Ali Zafar download

13. Generalization of Ky Fan inequality and Related results

Authors: Sadia Chanan, Asif R. Khan, Saeed Ahmed, Nazia Raisat download

14. Common fixed point theorems for L-Fuzzy Mappings

Authors: Abdullah Eqal Al-Mazrooei, Jamshaid Ahmad download

15. A note on Dickson polynomials of the third kind and legendre functions

Authors: Neranga Fernando, Solomon Manukure download

16. Wilker and Huygens type inequalities for some univariate means with applications to elementary functions

Author: Edward Neuman download