V.9 Issue 6

1. On solutions of infinite systems of integral equations in $n-$variables in spaces of tempered sequences $c_0^{\beta}$ and $l_1^{\beta}$

Authors: Majid Ghasemi, Mahnaz Khanehgir, Reza Allahyari download

2. On Trigonometric Approximation in weighted Lorentz Spaces Using N\"{o}rlund and Riesz Submethods

Authors: A. H. Avsar, Y. E. Yildirir download

3. On fixed point theorems via proximinal maps in partial metric spaces with application

Authors: Sami Ullah Khan, Abdul Ghaffar, Zafar Ullah, Tahair Rasham, and Muhammad Arshad download

4. On equivalence results for well-posedness of mixed hemivariational-like inequalities in Banach spaces

Authors: Lu-Chuan Ceng, Jen-Chih Yao, Yonghong Yao download

5. Uniform Convergence Results for Singularly Perturbed Fredholm Integro-Differential Equation

Authors: Gabil M. Amiraliyev, Muhammet Enes Durmaz, Mustafa Kudu download

6. Statistical Epi-Convergence in Sequences of Functions

Authors: S. Tortop, Y. Sever, O. Talo download

7. New conformable fractional Hermite Hadamard type inequalities for harmonically convex functions

Authors: Zeynep Sanli, Tuncay Koroglu download

8. Common fixed point for Kannan type contractions via interpolation

Author: Maha Noorwali download

9. Weighted Norlund-Euler $\lambda$-statistical convergence and application

Authors: Valdete Loku , Ekrem Aljimi download

10. On the Asymptotic Formulas for Eigenvalues and Eigenfunctions of A Quadratic Differential Pencil Problem

Authors: Hamza Menken, Ulviye Demirbilek, Kh. R. Mamedov download