V.9 Issue 4

1. Strong convergence for symmetric random Variables

Author: Zahra Shokooh Ghazani download

2. Global optimal solutions for hybrid Geraghty-Suzuki proximal contractions

Authors: N. Hussain, M. Hezarjaribi, P. Salimi download

3. Some Properties on a Class of Harmonic Univalent Functions Defined by $ q $-analogue of Ruscheweyh Operator

Authors: S. Elhaddad, H. Aldweby and M. Darus download

4. On the general method of summability

Authors: H. S. Ozarslan, B. Kartal download

5. Topological spaces associated with simple graphs

Authors: Adem Kilicman, Khalid Abdulkalek download

6. Approximate best proximity for set-valued contractions in metric spaces

Authors: Fahimeh Mirdamadi, Mehdi Asadi and Somayeh Abbasi download

7. The order-convergence of the Thakur iterative process for Hardy-Rogers contractions in order-Banach spaces

Authors: M.U. Ali, A. Bejenaru, T. Kamran download