V.9 Issue 1

1. A Variant of SQCQP Descent Scheme for Multi-objective Optimization Problem

Authors: Md. Abu Talhamainuddin Ansary , Geetanjali Panda download

2. Existence theory of HIV-1 Infection model by using arbitrary order derivative of without singular kernel type

Authors: Samia Bushnaq, Sajjad Ali Khan, Kamal Shah, Gul Zaman download

3. Some fixed point results on new generalization of metric spaces by orthogonal property with applications for some ordinary differential equations

Authors: S.S. Razavi and H.P. Masiha download

4. Fixed point for mappings under contractive condition based on simulation functions and cyclic $(\alpha,\beta)$-admissibility

Authors: H. Qawagneh, M.S. Noorani, W. Shatanawi, K. Abodyah and H. Alsamir download

5. Multivalued Fixed Point Theorems in Cone $b$- Metric Spaces over Banach Algebra with Applications

Authors: Marwan Amin Kutbi, Jamshaid Ahmad, Abdullah Eqal Al-Mazrooei, Nawab Hussain download

6. Representation Theorems for Transitive Fuzzy Orderings

Authors: Samina Ashraf and Atiq-ur-Rehman download

7. On common fixed point theorems in dualistic partial metric spaces

Authors: Muhammad Nazam , Muhammad Arshad and Mihai Postolache download

8. Discontinuous Mappings at Their Fixed Points and Common Fixed Points with Applications

Authors: Maliha Rashid Iqra BAtool and Nayyar Mehmood download

9. Nonlinear $\alpha$-type contractions on a space endowed with graph

Authors: Maria Samreen, Tayyab Kamran download

10. Countable Normality

Author: Maha Mohammed Saeed download

11. Extended $S_b$-metric spaces

Author: Nabil Mlaiki download

12. Coupled Coincidence Point of $\Phi$-Contraction Type $T$-Coupling in Partial Metric Spaces

Authors: Qamrul Haq Khan and Tawseef Rashidi download

13. Zamfirescu type contractions on $C^*$-algebra-valued metric spaces and an application

Authors: Bahman Moeini, Parveen Kumar and Hassen Aydi download