V.8 Issue 6

1. Existence and multiplicity results for systems of second-order dynamic equations on time scales

Author: Hugues Gilbert download

2. Double convection of heat and mass transfer flow of mhd generalized second grade fluid over an exponentially accelerated infinite vertical plate with heat absorption

Authors: M. Nazar , M.Ahmad, M. A. Imran, N. A. Shah download

3. Existence of at least three weak solutions for a singular fourth-order elliptic problem

Authors: Reza Mahdavi Khanghahi, Abdolrahman Razani download

4. A family of measures of noncompactness in the $L^p_{loc}(\Bbb{R}_+)$ space and its application to functional Volterra integral equation

Authors: Shahram Banaei and Mohammad Bagher Ghaemi download

5. An operator extension of cartwright-field inequality

Authors: Mahdi Taleb Alfakhr, Mohsen Erfanian Omidvar,Hhamid Reza Moradi, Silvestru Sever Dragomir download

6. Coincidence point results for weakly $\alpha-$ admissible pairs in extended $b-$metric spaces

Authors: Vahid Parvaneh , Abdollah Dinmohammadi and Zoran Kadelburg download

7. Rational contractive mappings of integral type on $b-$metric spaces

Authors: Hamed H. Alsulami, Erdal Karapinar, Hossien Piri, Samira Rahrovi, Ramazan Zarghami download

8. On nonlinear stability of operation preserving non-Archeimedean $\rho-$ functional equations in latticetic random Banach lattice spaces

Authors: Mohammad Maleki V, S. Mansour Vaezpour, Reza Saadati download

9. Extended Fuzzy $b-$metric spaces

Authors: Faisar Mehmood, Rashid Ali, Cristiana Ionescu, Tayyab Kamran download

10. New fixed point results on Branciari metric spaces

Authors: Maryam Eshraghisamani, S. Mansour vaezpour and Mehdi Asadi download

11. On some subsets of soft sets and soft continuity via soft ideals

Authors: Yunus Yumak, Aynur Keskin Kaymakci download

12. Minimization theorems in FM-spaces

Authors: M.H.M.Rashid and Ekrem Savas download

13. Order-theoretic fixed point results for $(\psi,\phi,\eta)_{g}$-generalized weak contractive mappings

Authors: Mohammad Imdad, Mohammad Asim, Idrees A. Khan and Rqeeb Gubran download

14. Best proximity point theorems for implicit proximal contractions on Gauge spaces

Authors: Muhammad Usman Ali, Misbah Farheen, Hassan Houmani download

15. On new existence theorems of common solutions for the system of functional equations in dynamic programming using the new type of common limit range property

Authors: Oratai Yamaod, Wutiphol Sintunavarat download

16. An improvement of recent results in $m-$metric spaces with numerical results

Authors: Pathaithep Kumrod, Wutiphol Sintunavarat download