V.8 Issue 4

1. Generalized fractional integral inequalities for harmonically convex functions

Authors: G. Abbas, G. Farid, K.A. Khan and A.U. Rehman download

2. Generalized Variational-like Inequalities and use of Relaxed $\eta$ -$\alpha$-Monotone Mapping

Authors: Syed Shakaib Irfan, Mohammad Firdosh Khan, Rais Ahmad and Iqbal Ahmad download

3. Some classes of $q$-alpha starlike and related analytic functions

Author: Khalida Inayat Noor download

4. Common Fixed Point Theorem for Generalized $b$-Order Rational Contraction with Application

Authors: Muhammad Nazam, Adrian Ghiura, Muhammad Arshad download

5. Some common fixed point theorems without orbital continuity via $C$-class functions and an application

Authors: Bahman Moeini, Arslan Hojat Ansari, Hassen Aydi download

6. Coincidence and fixed point theorems of intuitionistic fuzzy mappings with applications

Authors: Akbar Azam, Rehana Tabassum and Maliha Rashid download

7. On $\phi$-contraction type couplings in partial metric spaces

Authors: Hassen Aydi, Mohammad Barakat, Abdelbsset Felhi, Huseyin Isik download

8. A note on convex contraction mappings and discontinuity at fixed point

Authors: Ravindra K. Bisht and N. Hussain download

9. Combinatorial improvement of Shannon inequality and related results

Authors: Saad Ihsan Butt, Khuram Ali Khan, Dilda Pecaric and Josip Pecaric download

10. Generalized Nadler-type coincidence point theorems for $\alpha$-compatible multi-valued contractive mappings

Authors: F. Golkarmanesh, V. Parvaneh, Z. Kadelburg and S.J.H. Ghoncheh download

11. Some fixed and common fixed point results for multi-valued $F$-$G$-contractions in metric spaces endowed with a graph

Authors: Babak Mohammadi, Farhan Golkarmanesh and Vahid Parvaneh download

12. Common Fixed points of $(\phi ,\psi )$-contraction on $G$- metric space using E.A property

Authors: Abdullah Muhammad Sarwar, Zead Mustafa, and M.M.M. Jaradat download

13. A solution of the new Caputo-Fabrizio fractional KdV equation via stability

Authors: H. Aydi, H.R. Marasi, H. Piri, A. Talebi download