V.8 Issue 3

1. New Common Fixed Point Theorems for Cyclic Compatible Contractions

Authors: Z. Aslam, J. Ahmad, N. Sultana download

2. Complex valued $S_b-$metric spaces

Authors: N. Priyobarta, Yumnam Rohen and Nabil Mlaiki download

3. Some properties and contractions of class $\mathcal{A}(k)$ operators

Authors: N. L. Braha, Ilmi Hoxha and Salah Mecheri download

4. On Strongly deferred Ces\'aro mean of double sequences

Authors: S. Sezgek, I. Dagadur download

5. Common fixed points of dominating and weak annihilators in ordered metric spaces via $C$-class functions

Authors: Wasfi Shatanawi, Mihai Postolache, Arslan H. Ansari and Wissam Kassab download

6. On certain estimates for the Littlewood-Paley operator along surfaces of revolution

Authors: Mohammed Ali, Mohammed Al-Dolat and Hamed Obiedat download

7. Some common fixed point theorems for weakly $\alpha$-admissible pairs in $G$-metric spaces with auxiliary functions

Authors: A. H. Ansari, S. Chandok, N. Hussain, Z. Mustafa, M. Jaradat download

8. On a generalized integral operator

Author: Khalida Inayat Noor download

9. On the limits of logarithmic summable Fuzzy-number-valued functions at infinity

Authors: Enes Yavuz, Husamettin Coskun download

10. Global minimization of $R$-contractions via best proximity points

Authors: Saeideh Pirbavafa, S. Mansour Vaezpour, Farshid Khojasteh download

11. Some J-S-type fixed point theorems for $\alpha$-$\Theta$-generalized contractions in $b$-metric spaces

Author: Vahid Parvaneh download

12. Split Hierarchical monotone variational inclusions involving finite families of firmly non-expansive mappings

Authors: Mohd Dilshad, Mohd Akram download

13. Common Fixed Point Theorems for Generalized Contractions

Authors: Durdana Lateef, Jamshaid Ahmad, Abdullah Eqal Al-Mazrooei download

14. On admissible weak contractions in $b$-metric-like space

Authors: K.Hammache, E. Karap{\i}nar, A.Ould-Hammouda download