V.7 Issue 1-Selected papers from conference: The Cape Verde International Days on Mathematics 2015

1. The Cape Verde International Days on Mathematics 2015

Authors: R. Almeida, G. S. F. Frederico, N. Martins, M. R. Sidi Ammi, D. F. M. Torres download

2. Numerical Modeling of Marine Pollution: Application to Hydrocarbons Distribution in Tangier Bay

Authors: S. Abourida, S. Lazaar, M. N. Zaghloul download

3. The Herglotz Variational Problem on Spheres and Its Optimal Control Approach

Authors: L. Abrunheiro, L. Machado, N. Martins download

4. An Approximation Formula for the Katugampola Integral

Authors: R. Almeida, N. R. O. Bastos download

5. Existence of Solution to a Nonlinear First-Order Dynamic Equation on Time Scales

Authors: B. Bayour, A. Hammoudi, D. F. M. Torres download

6. Computing Quandle Colourings

Authors: L. Camacho, F. M. Dionisio, R. Picken download

7. On the Second Order Differential Equation Satisfied by Perturbed Chebyshev Polynomials

Author: Z. da Rocha download

8. Dengue Disease: A Multiobjective Viewpoint

Authors: R. Denysiuk, H. S. Rodrigues, M. T. T. Monteiro, L. Costa, I. Espirito Santo, D. F. M. Torres download

9. A Penalty Method for Solving the MPCC Problem

Authors: T. M. M. Melo, J. L. H. Matias, M. T. T. Monteiro download

10. Optimal Control Strategies for the Spread of Ebola in West Africa

Authors: A. Rachah, D. F. M. Torres download

11. Dynamical Equivalence of Quasilinear Dynamic Equations on Time Scales

Authors: A. Reinfelds, D. Steinberga download