V.5 Issue 1

1. The generalized difference of ?G2I of fuzzy real numbers over p-metric spaces defined by Musielak

Authors: Subramanian, N.; Balasubramanian, K.; Rao, K.Chandrasekhara download

2. Counterexamples in rotund and locally uniformly rotund norm

Authors: Heydari, F.; Behmardi, D. download

3. A uniqueness theorem of L-functions with rational moving targets

Authors: Cardwell, Matt; Ye, Zhuan download

4. Geometry of an A-bilinear form, Darboux theorem: a Lagrangian perspective

Authors: Mallios, A.; Conte-Thrasyvoulidou, A.; Daoultzi-Malamou, Z. download

BMATHAA Bulletin