V.4 Issue 2

1. On some I-convergent double sequence spaces defined by a sequence of moduli

Authors: Khan, Vakeel A.; Khan, Nazneen download

2. On the modified Newton’s method for multiple root

Author: Dubeau, Francois download

3. Statistically convergent triple sequences defined by Orlicz function

Authors: Dutta, Amar Jyoti; Esi, Ayhan; Tripathy, Binod Chandra download

4. ?-convergence theorems for a pair of single-valued and multivalued nonexpansive mappings in CAT(0) spaces

Author: Sokhuma, Kritsana download

5. Almost convergent sequences in 2-normed space and g-statistical convergence

Authors: Konca, Sukran; Basarir, Metin download

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