V.13 Issue 3

1. Kannan and Kannan-Presic type contractions in tripled controlled $V$-metric spaces

Authors: Abdollah Karami, Shaban Sedghi and Vahid Parvaneh download

2. Dynamic Analysis of a Chaotic 3D Quadratic System Using Planar Projection

Author: Abdellah Menasri download

3. A general and optimal decay result for a viscoelastic equation with a strong time dependent delay

Authors: Hamdan Al Sulaimani, Khaleel Anaya, Cyril Dennis Enyi, Soh Edwin Mukiawa download

4. Relation-theoretic coupled fixed point theorems

Authors: Faruk Sk, Faizan Ahmad Khan, Qamrul Haq Khan download

5. New Discrete Form Of Hilbert Inequality For Three Variables

Author: Nizar Kh. Al-Oushoush download