V.12 Issue 4

1. Possible heights of graph transformation groups

Authors: Fatemah Ayatollah Zadeh Shirazi, Arezoo Hosseini, Zahra Nili Ahmadabadi download

2. Some fixed point results of $S_T$- compatibility in $g$-metric space via $c$-class function

Authors: M. K. Jain, G. A. Hirankumar Sharma, Y. Mahendra Singh, M. Ranjit Singh download

3. Strong convergence to a fixed point of nonexpensive discrete semigroup in strictly convex Banach spaces

Authors: Gul Rahmat, Muhammad Sarwar and Cemil Tunc download

4. On deferred statistical convergence for the sets of triple sequences

Authors: Isil Acik Demirci and Mehmet Gurdal download