V.12 Issue 2

1. Exact Solutions of Hydromagentic Fluid Flow Along an Inclined Plane with Heat and Mass Transfer

Authors: Adnan Ahmad, M. Nazar, Akhtar Ali, M. Hussain, Zafar Ali download

2. Higher order strongly exponentially biconvex functions and bivariational inequalities

Authors: Muhammad Aslam Noor and Khalida Inayat Noor download

3. Symmetrization procedures for the law of the iterated logarithm

Author: Zahra Shokooh Ghazani download

4. Design and Analysis of an Efficient Multi step Iterative Scheme for systems of nonlinear equations

Authors: Rajni Sharma, Gagandeep, Ashu Bahl download

5. An analysis on the periodic solutions of an $n$-th order non-linear differential equation

Authors: Ramazan Yazgan, Cemil Tunc download

6. Random generalized nonlinear implicit variational-like inclusion problem involving random fuzzy mappings

Authors: Maryam G. Alshehri, Faizan A. Khan, Javid Ali download