V.12 Issue 1

1. Quasi-Subordinations for a Subfamily of Bi-Univalent Functions Associated with k-Analogue of Bessel Function

Authors: F. M. Sakar, A. Canbulat download

2. Common fixed point results on non-Archimedean modular metric spaces with some applications

Authors: Ekber Girgin, Mahpeyker Ozturk download

3. $CC$-Paracompactness and $CC_2$-paracompactness

Authors: Lutfi Kalantan, Doaa Elawady download

4. Fixed point results for comparable Kannan and Chatterjea mappings

Authors: Qamrul H. Khan, Faruk SK download

5. On fixed point for generalized Boyd-Wong type contractions in generalized metric spaces

Authors: Zhiqun Xue, Guiwen Lv, Fang Zhang download

6. Blow-up of solutions for a logarithmic quasilinear hyperbolic equation with delay term

Authors: Erhan Piskin, Hazal Yuksekkaya download

7. On Lommel Function related with bounded radius rotation

Author: Khalida Inayat Noor download

8. On Discrete Convex Optimization of Interval Valued Functions

Authors: Awais Younus, Onsia Nisar download