V.11 Issue 2

1. Some Fixed Point Results in Extended Hexagonal b-Metric Spaces Approach to the Existence of a Solution to Fredholm Integral Equations

Authors: G. Kalpana and Z. Sumaiya Tasneem download

2. Unified degenerate central Bell polynomials

Authors: Mehmet Acikgoz and Ugur Duran download

3. Limit summability of probability density functions

Authors: Soodeh Mehboodi and M.H. Hooshmand download

4. Fixed Point Theorems on $(\alpha$,$F)$-contractive Mapping in Extended $b$-Metric Spaces

Authors: Muhammad Anwar, Dur-e-Shehwar Sagheer and Rashid Ali download

5. Epi-almost normality

Author: Ibtesam Alshammari download

6. On two parametric kinds of the generalized Bernoulli polynomials

Authors: Naeem Ahmad, Mohd Ghayasuddin download

7. Parametric generalized set-valued implicit quasi-variational-like inclusion problem in uniformly smooth Banach space

Authors: Faizan A. Khan, Abdulaziz M. Alanazi and Javid Ali download

8. On the Existence and Uniqueness of Solutions for a First and Second-Order Discrete Boundary Value Problem

Authors: Arzu Erdem Coskun, Ali Demir download

9. Determination of a coefficient in a second-order hyperbolic problem

Author: Arzu Erdem Coskun download

10. Multivalued Fixed Point Theorems of Generalized $(\mathcal{K},\mathcal{J})$ Contractions with Applications

Authors: Abdullah Eqal Al-Mazrooei, Jamshaid Ahmad download

11. Some new refinements of Hardy-type inequalities

Authors: James Adedayo Oguntuase, Olanrewaju Olabiyi Fabelurin, Lars-Erik Persson, Emmanuel Oyeyemi Adeleke download