V.10 Issue 5

1. New fixed point results in Modular metric and Fuzzy metric spaces

Authors: Nawab Hussain , M.A. Kutbi, Ghada Basindowa, P. Salimi download

2. Some Fixed Point Results in Extended Parametric b-Metric spaces with application to integral equations

Authors: V. Parvaneh, N. Hussain, M. A. Kutbi and M. Khorshidi download

3. Kannan Fixed Point Theorem in $\mathcal {C}$-Metric Space

Author: Durdana Lateef download

4. Numerical solution of 2D Volterra-Fredholm integral equations via modification of hat functions

Authors: N. Zainalian Eskandi, S. Abbasbandy download

5. On character amenability and approximate character amenability of Banach algebras

Authors: Rahmatollah Gholami, Hamidreza Rahimi download