V.10 Issue 4-Special Issue to honor Prof. Akbar Azam's contributions

1. Common Fixed Point Results for -alpha-psi-Contractive Mappings via $(F;h)$ Pair of Upper Class Functions

Authors: Qasim Mahmood, Aqeel Shahzad, Abdullah Shoaib, Arslan Hojat Ansari, Stojan Radenovic download

2. Generalized Steffensen-type Inequalities by Abel-Gontscharoff Polynomial

Authors: Asfand Fahad, Josip Pecaric download

3. Set-valued G-Presic type F-contractions and ?fixed point theorems

Authors: Muhammad Imran Shehzad, Abdullah Eqal Al-Mazrooei and Jamshaid Ahmad download

4. Some Non-unique Fixed Points of Self Mappings on a Set with Two Metrics

Authors: Ahmed Al-Rawashdeh, Nayyar Mehmood, Maliha Rashid download

5. Common Fixed Point and approximation results for $\mathcal{H}$-operator pair with (E.A) Property

Authors: Nawab Hussain, A. Kaseb, F. Al-Sirehy download

6. Existence Results of Caputo Fractional Integro-di¤erential Equations via Fixed Point Theorems

Authors: Rehana Tabassum and Akbar Azam download