V.10 Issue 2

1. On Certain Vector Valued Multiplier Spaces and Series of Operators

Author: Mahmut Karakus download

2. On Some Properties of Lacunary Statistical Convergence of Double Sequences in Fuzzy n-Normed Spaces

Author: Muhammed Recai Turkmen download

3. Integral Type Contractive Conditions for Intuitionistic Fuzzy Mappings with Applications

Authors: Mohammed Shehu Shagari and Akbar Azam download

4. Simultaneous statistical approximation of analytic functions in annulus by $k-$ positive linear operators

Authors: Cem Kosar and Nida Palamut Kosar download

5. I-Convergent Difference Sequence Spaces

Authors: Vakeel A. Khan, Mobeen Ahmad, S. N. Hasan, Rayees Ahmad download

6. Some New Common Fixed Point Theorems in Complex Valued $b$-Metric Spaces

Author: Durdana Lateef download