V.8 Issue 2

1. Multiple Attribute Decision-Making Method under Hesitant Single Valued Neutrosophic Uncertain Linguistic Environment

Authors: Qaisar Khan, Tahir Mahmood and Jun Ye download

2. Generalizations of Sherman's theorem by Taylor's formula

Authors: Slavica Ivelic Bradanovic, Naveed Latif and Josip Pecaric download

3. Generalized Yosida Approximation Operator and a System of Yosida Inclusions

Authors: Mohd Ishtyak, Adem Kilicman, Rais Ahmad and Mijanur Rahaman download

4. On subclass of alpha-quasi convex functions associated with conic regions

Authors: Shahid Mahmood, Imran Khan, Sarfraz Nawaz Malik and S. Z. H. Bukhari download

5. A New Generalization on Absolute Matrix Summability Factors of Fourier Series

Author: Sebnem Yildiz download

6. Fixed Point Results for a Pair of Multivalued Mappings on Closed Ball for New Rational Type Contraction in Dislocated Metric Space

Authors: Tahair Rasham, Abdullah Shoaib, Muhammad Arshad and Sami Ullah Khan download

7. Time scales on Opial-type inequalities

Authors: K. Rauf and Y. O. Anthonio download

8. Vector variational inequality involving set-valued mappings

Authors: Mohd Ishtyak, Mohd Akram, Mijanur Rahaman and Rais Ahmad download

9. Bivariate VDIS with shape parameters: description and analysis of their geometrical properties

Authors: F. Calio and E. Marchetti download

10. Weighted statistical convergence in intuitionistic fuzzy normed linear spaces

Authors: Selma Altundag and Esra Kamber download

11. Square series generating function transformations

Author: Maxie D. Schmidt download

12. Derivation and Solutions of Some $k$-Differential Equations

Authors: Balqees Fatima and Shahid Mubeen download

13. On a fractional generalization of the free electron laser equations associated with generalized Mittag-Leffler function and a confluent hypergeometric function of two variables

Authors: Ram K. Saxena , Shyam L.Kalla and Leda Galue download

14. Simultaneous Approximation By Generalized Bieberbach Polynomials

Authors: C. Kosar and M. Kucukaslan download