V.3 Issue 2

1. Inequalities for power series with positive coefficients

Authors: Ibrahim, Alawiah; Dragomir, S.S.; Cerone, P.; Darus, Maslina download

2. Inequalities involving Jacobian elliptic, trigonometric and hyperbolic functions

Author: Neuman, Edward download

3. On the sequence related to the irrationality of $e$

Author: Mortici, Cristinel download

4. Generalized Sobolev spaces in quantum calculus and applications

Authors: Mejjaoli, Hatem; Sraeib, Nadia download

5. Some results involving series representations of hypergeometric functions

Author: Parmar, R.K. download

6. Estimates of functions for a generalized Wesolowski subclass

Authors: Ibrahim, Rabha W.; Darus, Maslina download

7. An inequality concerning the kernel $\sum_{t=1}^{n}{e}^{i(ut+vt^{2})}$

Author: Perera, K. download