V.10 Issue 3

1. Note on constants appearing in refined Young inequalities

Author: Shigeru Furuichi download

2. Trapezoid-type inequalities on time scales

Authors: Martin Bohner, Eze R. Nwaeze, Adnan Tuna download

3. Chebyshev-Dubiner norming webs on starlike polygons

Author: Marco Vianello download

4. Derivative and integral of limit summand functions with relations to the Euler type constants

Authors: Koohyar Eslami, Mohmmad Hadi Hooshmand download

5. Numerical calculation of the real $r$-Lambert Function

Authors: Roberto B. Corcino, Cristina B. Corcino, Istvan Mezo, Jay M. Ontolan, Raylee J. Gasparin, Jeneveb T. Malusay, Joshua P. Rosell, Edward M. Kiunisala, Allan Roy B. Elnar, Clare Maristela V. Galon download